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Charter Services, Boats and Yachts:

Please note that due to updates of COVID 19 measures taken by the competent authorities in Qatar, regular service provisions and numbers of guests allowed onboard may change from those displayed. We will endeavor to keep you informed of any changes.

Ronautica offers a selection of leisurely charter options including fishing trips, themed cruises, luxury yacht charters, speedboat trips and dhow charters, all from highly experienced, fully insured and licensed operators. Click on the pictures below for the full details of each of our current services or give our dedicated front office team a call for booking or further information.

What you need to know.

Ronautica Middle East has been a leader in the yacht charter market in Qatar for the last 8 years, offering beautiful yachts and boats with quality crew.

We offer our own vessels and have partnered with a number of the quality local service providers to bring you a selection of the best yachts available in Qatar.

All our services are offered with full accreditation, certification and insurance to operate safely, professionally and responsibly. Our services meet or exceed all standards and requirements of the Qatar National Tourism Council and the State of Qatar Ministry of Transport & Communications and we insist that our partners meet the same standards. The concerned authorites have implemented, and continue to improve, new rules for the safety of guests enjoying water based tourist activities, and are making more regular inspections, something that we at Ronautica are very supportive of.

All our vessels are commercially insured, and captained by experienced and qualified crews.

If you are on board a yacht, dhow or boat in Qatar, ask the Captain to prove that the company and vessel are legally certified and have a tourism related vessel registration. We have placed samples of the Ronautica Middle East registration documents for you to inspect.

We take your safety and enjoyment very seriously,

Happy sailing from all the team at Ronautica.


M/Y Blue Moon is a beautiful fly bridge cruiser with all the extras, gadgets and room needed to enjoy a relaxing voyage. At 40 feet long she has great entertaining space and is perfect for a day cruise with family and friends or a sightseeing trip around the waters of The Pearl – Qatar and Doha Bay.

Guest Accommodation:

The Meridian 391 Sedan has ample comfortable space for up to 8 guests with an owner’s state room and guest cabin. Blue Moon has a generous salon for Air-Conditioned privacy inside the boat and lounging space on the foredeck to catch some sun. Her fly-bridge gives a great view of the waters around you and she has a swimming platform with shower for the more adventurous guests.

Power & Speed:

This yacht is powered by twin Cummins 380HP engines. She will cruise happily at 20 knots, she has an electrical generator, refrigeration and all the safety equipment you would expect from a responsible operator.


Charters depart from Porto Arabia Marina at The Pearl – Qatar, special arrangements can be made for other departures or destinations.

Charter Rate:

First Hour QAR 1,600

Subsequent Hours QAR 1,000

Three (3) Hrs. Package QAR 3,000

Ninety (90) Minutes Yacht Cruise with Set Menu Good for Two (2) QAR 1,900

Three (3) Hours Yacht Cruise with Set Menu Good for Four (4) QAR 3,300

Additional Service:

QAR 400
Decorations Including the Following:
- 1 Set Greeting Foil Balloon
- 20 pcs. Round Balloons
- 20 pcs. Roses

Experience our regular shuttle services in Porto Arabia and into the Qanat Quartier canals with the beautiful electric powered and environmentally friendly water shuttles. Comfortable and stable, these boats are a wonderful way to see the sights of the Pearl Qatar. A tour lasts around 20 minutes in either Porto Arabia or the Qanat Quartier or can be combined to take in both trips over approximately 40 minutes. This is a shared service but can be taken as an exclusive private trip if you prefer.


Can be purchased from the shuttle driver at the many shuttle stops around Porto Arabia or Shuttle Stop B in the Qanat Quartier or from the Ronautica Harbour Office at La Croisette 1. Monthly residents’ tickets can only be purchased from the Ronautica Harbour Office.

General service and private trips start at 9 AM and continue to 10:30pm on Weekdays and 11:30pm Weekends.


QAR 300 for one boat Tour for 20 Minutes (Either Porto Arabia or Qanat Quartier)

QAR 40 per person Gate to Gate (Pick up from a gate & drop off on a different gate)

Porto Arabia and Qanat Quartier Water Shuttle Stops - See route map:

· Shuttle Stop 1

· Marina Gate 2 (During strong winds).

· Shuttle Stop 6

· Shuttle stop 11

· Shuttle Stop 17

· Shuttle stop 23

· Marina Gate 29

Qanat Quartier Water Shuttle Stops:

· Shuttle Stop B


The ‘Outrage 320’ is a 10m luxurious performance sports boat designed to be fast and stable in all seas and has the power and grace to be very comfortable at any time.

Power and Speed:

‘Outrage 320’ is powered by twin Suzuki 300hp engines, which can push her to over 36 knots and will cruise happily at 25 knots.

Guest Accommodation:

The 320 is an open day boat with soft seating all around for up to 8 people along with our experienced captain. For those who wish to swim there is a fresh water shower on both the swim deck and below decks in the console WC compartment.

Charter Rate:

Thirty (30) Minutes QAR 450

First Hour QAR 700

Subsequent Hours QAR 700

Three (3) Hrs. Package QAR 1,600


The ‘Pearl Speedboat’ is a wonderful new 7 metre design from Bayliner giving a huge amount of space to enjoy for the size of boat. With a shaded main compartment and an open bow she is great for a gentle tour around Porto Arabia or the canals of Qanat Quartier but with a powerful engine ‘Pearl Speedboat’ can live up to her name and take you on a wild ride into Doha Bay too.

Guest Accommodation:

The Bayliner E7 is fully insured and registered by all relevant Qatar Authorities to carry up to 8 guests along with our qualified skipper. There is ample room to sit comfortably and an easy access to the water for swimming.

We have safety equipment for everyone on board and the skipper is there to ensure you enjoy every moment of your trip.

Power & Speed:

The ‘Pearl Speedboat’ is specially fitted with a 200HP Suzuki four stroke engine which is wonderfully quiet, even at the top speed of 35+ knots (70km/h) with the wind in your hair. At a cruising speed of about 25 knots or whilst enjoying a leisurely tick-over in the canals you will find this boat to be very relaxing.

Charter Rates:

Thirty (30) Minutes 450 QAR

First Hour 700 QAR

Subsequent Hours 700 QAR

Three (3) Hrs. Package 1,600 QAR


The ‘Pearl Angler’ is a 10m luxurious, performance leisure and sports fishing boat.

Guest Accommodation:

The Outrage 320 is an open day boat with soft seating all around, enough space for 6 people to run 4 rods simultaneously. We will provide all the quality equipment you need and have a GPS full of ‘special spots’ to catch great fish, as well as a refrigerator and copious amounts of storage space.

Power & Speed:

‘Pearl Angler’ is powered by twin Suzuki 300 hp engines, which can push her to over 35 knots (64km/h). She will cruise happily at around 25 knots (46km/h) and has the capability to take you to any of the local fishing spots.


Charter Rate:

Ninety (90) Minutes Yacht Cruise with Set Menu Good for Two (2) QAR 1,900

Three (3) Hours Yacht Cruise with Set Menu Good for Four (4) QAR 3,300


Zaatar & Zeit
Halloumi & Feta Cheese
Butter & Basket of Bread
Fatteh Hummus
Foul Falafel
Arnabit Mekli & Vegetable Plate


Sunny-side Up
Scrambled or Cheese & Vegetable Omelet
Saj Manakisj - Cheese Saj & Zataar Saj


Hot Beverages
Mineral Water
KAAK (Lebanese Crackers) with Debes Bil Tahina
Lebanese Knefeh


1) Arabsque Arabic Restaurant

Batata Harra
Arayes Kafta
Mixed Grill


Chocolate Fudge
Red Velvet
Black Forest or Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

2) Isla Mexican Restaurant

Ensalada De Mango
Traditional Guacamole
Mixed Fajitas (Chicken & Beef)


Chocolate Fudge
Red Velvet
Black Forest or Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


Mini Sandwiches
Mini Pastries
Coffee & Water


QAR 400

One (1) Set Greeting Foil Balloon
Birthday, Anniversary and any Celebration

Twenty (20) Pieces Round Balloons
Color of your Choice

Twenty (20) Pieces Roses
Color of your Choice